Our Advantages

Quality Control

We Follow Strict Quality Control Systems to Guarantee Great Product Quality.


We Provide OEM & ODM Services for Both Big and Small Orders.

After Sale Service

We Provide 12 Months Warranty for All Products.

Factory Experience

We Have 18 Years of Manufacturing and Exporting Experience.

Makers with a Factory!!

Our entire design and manufacturing team is located in Shenzhen, China, the epicentre of the greatest concentration of specialized engineering and manufacturing design expertise on the planet earth (and at this point, based on our knowledge, the universe).

Since 2004, AVLINK has been slowly building a highly focused in-house engineering team.

We've learned to be very realistic about where our expertise lies. Sometimes, to create an amazing product, it's necessary to collaborate with application or technology specific domain experts. 

But, design alone does not make the product. We realized this in 2007, which is why we built a factory.

The most amazing design, when executed/manufactured carelessly, is worthless. The same love that's applied to the engineering design, must be applied to the manufacturing design. 

The AVLINK factory has access to the most robust and diversified manufacturing and supply chains infrastructures human history. 

The culmination of these ideas present AVLINK an unfair advantage. But, fear not. We use these advantages for good, not evil ;-)

Our advantage, is your advantage. We strive to be better in every way, every day, in service of you, our treasured customer. 


The AVLink Team <3

Professional R & D Team

The world's top audio products design team. 

We work together every day in our Shenzhen HQ solving Acoustics, Electronics, Mechanical, and embedded software engineering problems.

Most of our team members have been working side by side, executing world class quality audio products such as ANC headphones, Bluetooth headphones, TWS Headphones, Bluetooth transmitters and receivers, or RF wireless products for over a decade.

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Main Business

We are Dedicated to Creating Inspiring Audio Products


ANC Bluetooth headphones,Bluetooth headphones


Bluetooth earphones, ANC TWS Earbuds

bluetooth transmitters

Long range low latency Bluetooth transmitters

bluetooth receivers

Long range low latency Bluetooth receivers

wireless microphones

High-end Bluetooth or 2.4G wireless microphones


Designed for watching TV and hearing impaired


Inspiring Audio Products


Bluetooth Headphones

World Class Active Noise Cancellation

Bluetooth Earphones

Stylish ANC TWS Earbuds

Bluetooth Transceivers

Make Any Stereo System Wireless

Wireless Microphones

Live Streaming, Video & Audio Recording

Hearing Aid Headsets

Wireless TV Headsets Designed Specially

We like new friends...

If you're looking for help or advice on bringing your product ideas to life, would like to leverage AVLINK's deep knowledge in the mass production of  high performance wired and wireless audio products, or would just like to say Hi!!, send us a message. We'd love to hear from you. 



* We promise to strictly protect all customer informations.